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  • "What really sets these braces apart is the fact that they seem to move with the patient. The brace always stays in contact with the body, but patients still feel like they have some freedom of movement. In general, my patients who use Xback braces tend to wear their braces more consistently." - Douglas S. Tase, MD, FAAOS, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

  • "When my doctor said I needed a back brace, all I could imagine was how hot and confining that would be. But I was surprised. It was light, easy to put on, adjustable to my size and didn't make me completely immobilized yet it gave me the support I needed and offered some long-awaited comfort." - Lori, Owner on an ProLift TLSO™

  • "We have rarely had to do more than one fitting on a patient. They are much easier to use than any other brace we've encountered and patients are always very satisfied with them." - Jennifer, Inventory Manager, Joint Technology

Our Mission Statement

MedLife Healthcare’s mission is to provide top quality life enhancing medical products to our customers in the simplest, most efficient way possible, with a distinct emphasis on Customer Service.

About MedLife Healthcare

MedLife Healthcare began 5 years ago as a Mom & Pop business, specializing in the healthcare needs of local customers. After realizing that our products were needed by a wider audience than was currently being served, a decision was made to expand and offer our line of orthotics nationally. We are driven to be leaders in our industry while continuing to offer the same warm, personal level of service to our customers.